Vision and Mission


Our vision is to see everyone conformed to the likeness of Christ (Ro 8:29).

That is God’s vision for every church. But what do we want that to look like at our church, CRCK? We are praying that by 2020 it will look like the following things:

  • A church of 500 members by the end of 2020
  • Each of our members committed to regular involvement in the life of the church and in evangelism in some way. Specifically, we’d love to see everyone at CRCK involved in the following five things in some way, as their circumstances allow:
    • regular attendance at church on Sunday
    • membership in a Connect Group
    • part of a 1-2-1 Bible-reading relationship
    • serving in some way at church
    • involved in some way in outreach
  • Two congregations (to cope with the prayed-for growth). 
  • A growing staff team (to train and equip the new and growing Christians for which we are praying).


If ‘vision’ is ‘What do we want to look like?’, then ‘mission’ is ‘How are we going to get there?’ We think of this is as a pathway, where God takes people from their starting point as non-Christians and gradually changes them into disciple-making disciples. Therefore, our two main goals are making disciples and growing disciples.

There are lots of things we could do to ‘make and grow disciples’, but given the natural limitations of time and resources, we must focus on a few core ones to do it well. Therefore we think the best way to make the pathway from non-Christian to disciple-making disciple as smooth as possible is to mark it out with five main ‘pavers’ (to continue the pathway analogy!).

Making disciples

  1. Evangelism
    This is the work of proclaiming the good news of Jesus to those who don’t yet know him. At CRCK, the ‘centrepiece’ of our evangelism is ‘Christianity Explored’, our seven week course introducing people to Jesus through the Gospel of Mark. But we also run other evangelistic activities, as well as encouraging everyone at CRCK to be involved in personal evangelism.
  2. Partnership
    We want people to not just be converted to Christ but also converted to church. As such, we’re passionate about people being official partners in the gospel with us at CRCK. The main way we help people through this process is the ‘Belonging Course’, a four-week orientation to the doctrine of church and life at CRCK.

Growing disciples

  1. Sunday Services
    This is when our whole church family gets together to be reminded of and encourage each other in the gospel, while also holding it out to our visitors who don’t know him yet.
  2. Connect Groups
    Connect Groups are weekly communities of 10-12 people where we get to dig deeper into God’s word but also get to know each other in a more intimate ways.
  3. One-to-one discipleship
    This is just what it sounds like: no teachers, no students, just two children of God listening to their heavenly Father speak to them through the Bible and then speaking back to him in prayer, all in the context of sharing their lives with each other.