Connect Groups

Perhaps the most important structure of CRCK’s life is the Connect Groups we run during the week.

A Connect Group is a small group of people who meet together weekly to:

  • read the Bible;
  • pray in response to what we've learned;
  • share our lives with each other;
  • serve our church and community together.

Connect Groups meet throughout the week at various times and in various locations in Kingston and Hobart. We also have special, ‘Young Adult’ Connect Groups for people aged between 18 and 24.

It is God’s great blessing that, when we join his family, he gives us to each other as brothers and sisters. Connect Groups are our primary means of cultivating relationships between ‘spiritual sibling’s and between us and God, and Bible reading, prayer, sharing of ourselves and serving others are their core business.

If you would like to join a Connect Group, or just visit one to check it out, please contact or call the church office.